Product testing opportunities

This is a great way of sharing ideas to improve various products. This program is currently only available to residents in the United States. Launched in , UserTesting is one of the oldest and most trustworthy companies that provide product testing jobs.

It has grown to be a market leader in its field, with more than worldwide brands using it to understand consumer perspectives. After signing up and completing the practice test, which usually takes around mins, you will become a user tester.

A user tester, also known as a contributor, can test products in two ways. There are many benefits for product testers of UserTesting. Firstly, it shows the payout amount each test will generate after completion. Your payout can be transferred to your bank account using PayPal.

There are very few product testing sites that give cash as their reward, so this puts UserTesting a cut above the rest. Secondly, this product testing website is available to users worldwide who are comfortable speaking English, German, or French.

So, even if English isn't your first language, this could be a viable option for you. Opinion Outpost , a community of more than 2 million members, is a platform that rewards its members for sharing their most valuable asset - their opinions. Creating a complete profile, including detailed customer specifications, can help you land tests that suit your interests.

Answering surveys and product testing are a few of the many ways you can earn points. You can later redeem them for gift cards from one of your favorite stores or convert them into cash via PayPal. You can also work on the dev team, short for Development Team.

You'll carry out quality assurance checks to create a successful product that's in the pipeline. Opinion Outpost partners with companies to send prototypes to consumers for testing regularly, so you may be selected for an item at any time depending on your profile.

Opinion Outpost acts as the middleman to ensure delivery of the product at no cost to you for your honest and truthful feedback. Pinecone Research is a trusted market research and product testing site owned by the global research leader, Nielsen. Individuals who receive an invite can register to become a Panel Member.

Once joined, you need to answer a questionnaire to give details regarding your preferences. The website will then recommend studies that interest you. You can participate in online surveys that help firms shape their products before they hit the market.

You can also install a plug-in in your browser that tracks your browsing habits and provides you with a monthly payout for accessing your data. This makes it one of the best platforms for those looking for passive-income product tester jobs. The high-paying surveys and low minimum cashout make this site a strong choice for anyone wanting to get paid to test products.

BzzAgent rewards its users with free goodies in return for honest feedback. The users can test beauty, food, and personal care products, with Loreal, Lancome, and Armani Beauty participating as some of the leading brands.

BzzAgent is available for people living in the US, Canada, and the UK. To receive a campaign-product testing job, you should keep your profile in check and answer plenty of surveys to increase your BzzScore.

The higher the score, the more your chances are of receiving free samples. It is important to note that the campaigns accept limited participants, so be prompt in submitting your application to get a spot.

BzzAgent also provides posting instructions on how to submit a review on social media and to your friends and family to create 'Bzz'. One of the many differential factors of this website is that the reviews are rated. Thus, having a good command of writing accurate and detailed reviews can help you score high points and receive more campaigns.

Founded in , PinchMe quickly gained recognition from more than 9 million US members due to the simple product testing opportunities it provides at its disposal. It offers a range of products, including home and family, food and drink, personal care, and pet products.

After signing up for the site, members must complete their profiles. This allows PinchMe to offer customer-specific recommendations for free product testing. Members can choose from a wide range of free samples offered every Tuesday.

These samples are delivered to their houses free of charge and, in return, are required to provide unbiased feedback. As the name suggests, BetaTesting involves carrying out the testing process in the real world. You can sign up with the platform as a beta tester and receive tests according to your profile preferences and there are lots of beta tester jobs out there.

BetaTesting is available in more than countries with , beta testers worldwide, making it one of the most global product tester jobs.

They test various products, from apps and websites to hardware products like TVs and media devices. What's unique about this website is that it uses different testing methodologies to gain customer feedback. These range from taking surveys, and follow-up questions to moderated interviews.

The interviews can be scheduled using Zoom or any other preferred mode of communication. BetaTesting will make sure to provide support tools to aid this process. BetaTesting also provides another differentiating feature. It lets its product testers know about the reward amount and testing period for the particular study.

Product Report Card was founded in by Softlayer technologies. It is now available in 17 countries, including the US and Canada. It works similarly to the above-mentioned websites, rewarding its members for taking part in surveys, writing reviews, and to test products.

The tests can include giving feedback on new games, high-tech products, and pet supplies to a taste test at your home. The variety of online surveys available makes the platform more interesting and engaging for users in the long term.

Life Points is one of the many websites that offer reward points to its members upon completion of surveys and product testing, very similar to the popular platform Swagbucks. The primary activity on Life Points is to take surveys.

These surveys can range from food and beverage to entertainment, retail, and other lifestyle topics. The surveys are usually short ones with a few questions. The reward points for surveys can be redeemed through gift cards. Users can also earn rewards by allowing Life Points to track their behavior and purchasing activity.

If you want to be in the running for receiving free products from Life Points, make sure to do surveys and keep your profile updated regularly. If you want to be in the running for receiving free products from Life Points, make sure to regularly do surveys and keep your profile updated.

Amazon Vine is a marketing initiative launched by Amazon. It invites reviewers who regularly leave detailed and honest feedback to join the program. This is a great way to try products for free without online surveys.

These reviewers are known as Vine Voices. Vine Voices have the privilege to order thousands of products from Amazon at no charge and, in return, write reviews providing their unfiltered and unbiased opinion.

These reviews are published with a badge of 'Vine Customer Review of Free Product' to reiterate the fact that they are not in any way paid for providing feedback. Amazon Vine is a great platform to join for someone who loves to test different products and write reviews.

The reviewers can easily save thousands of dollars along the way and also receive consideration from a well-established name like Amazon. Since this is an invite-only program, ensure to leave high-quality reviews and photos of all of the products you purchase on the Amazon platform to encourage the company to select you for this opportunity.

Smiley is another product testing website that offers free products in exchange for your detailed feedback. It works in 2 ways; surveys and missions. Their internet surveys help you earn points and let Smiley know about your interests and preferences to match you with missions.

Once a mission is accepted, the product tester will receive a box known as a Smiley Kit. This consists of products and a guideline to earn points to complete the mission. The Smiley support team uses social media presence as test tracking metrics and assigns specific points to each social media channel.

Using photos and videos helps earn more points, and once Smiley recognizes you as a respected sharer, it'll reward you with more missions. The social nature of this platform is great for someone who loves influencing people into buying and trying new products. Don't get confused with the word "mom" on this website, Mom Select is for everyone regardless of your family status.

However, if you're a mom and do want to get the whole family involved in product tester jobs, Mom Select is a great choice. This website is available worldwide and is dedicated to testing kid-friendly and family-oriented products.

Registration starts with a detailed sign-up form to provide the best recommendations for testing products. The platform also allows members to review services like going to the amusement park or dining at a restaurant. Home Tester Club is an online community functioning in 27 countries. Members regularly review and test products, as with other platforms on this list.

These reviews assist fellow testers with their purchase. It all starts with registering for a product test. You'll need to answer a prequalification survey first, but after that, you're good to go if you qualify.

The team uses your profile data to match customer specifications with the correct test. If multiple applicants have applied for the same test, the team will choose the member with the most points.

Therefore, it pays to be consistent in your testing on this site. Points are assigned to members who actively contribute to the company website. Uploading relevant photos and videos, answering product surveys, and reviewing and testing different products are all ways to increase your presence. Unfortunately, points cannot be cashed out for any monetary or gift card reward.

They simply help you to rank for opportunities on the site. But if you're able to get ahold of high-quality items for testing opportunities, Home Tester Club can be very lucrative.

Rebaid connects small businesses with consumers to test their products at a reduced or free rate. Most products are offered through Amazon, and technically, you don't need to do anything after receiving the product since it isn't legal for the company to require reviews for price discounts.

However, you can choose to review the product to help the company gain more exposure, making it a great Amazon product tester gig. The website offers deals on various products, from pet food to electronics and home decor.

In general, this site doesn't offer a payout for your participation. It's important to note that you do need to pay upfront for the product, unlike other platforms on this list. You'll receive a rebate from Rebaid approximately 60 days after your purchase, which you can cash out through direct deposit or by requesting a check and be sure to check out our Rebaid review.

Others simply enjoy the benefits of free products, occasional gift cards, and part-time income. There's a broad range of earning potential here, but be ready to start small and get a few free products under your belt before you get the higher-paying gigs.

So whether you plan to work as a product tester in your spare time or as a full-time job, here are 5 ways to establish yourself in this market:. When you become a panel member, you can expect to participate in several surveys per year.

Each survey typically takes around 10 minutes with short, easy-to-answer questions. You can also donate your rewards to charity or use your points to enter various sweepstakes for a chance to win cash and other prizes.

Related: 8 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Ads in Your Spare Time. That might mean smelling fragrances or trying makeup and other self-care products. Other opportunities include participating in online surveys, discussion groups and forums, focus groups, and various panels. Related: How to Sell Makeup Online and The Five Best Sites to Use.

To become a McCormick panelist , you need to apply. Once in the database, you should receive periodic emails recruiting for studies. McCormick also seeks out participants for in-facility testing at its location in Hunt Valley, MD, near Baltimore. Related: 15 Places That Offer Paid Research Studies.

To get started, create an account , download its software, visit websites or apps, and answer questions about your experience. How many websites you can product test depends on how well your demographic background lines up with the target user of the site.

Related: 14 Places to Get Paid to Test Websites from Home. Another way to earn money testing websites, apps, and tech products for usability and other issues is by registering with BetaTesting.

BetaTesting states that you can expect to receive up to five or more opportunities per month, but some months you may not receive any.

However, BetaTesting prides itself on collecting quality feedback for the software companies that hire it. Payment is sent via PayPal within seven days of project completion. Related: How to Get Paid to Search the Web.

SheSpeaks is another site that will send you free products to try and candidly review. To get started, all you need to do is sign up for an account. It also runs giveaways for gift cards and free products. Related: 10 Places to Write Paid Reviews for Movies, Restaurants, and More. You can share your reviews through its feedback form, on social media, or on your blog if you have one.

You can also complete surveys for a chance to receive a VoxBox, its box of free full-size products that you can try at home. After you use the company, it asks that you share your honest opinions on its site and your social media accounts.

Related: How to Make Money as a Social Media Influencer. To get free products through BzzAgent , sign up for an account so it can send you qualifying surveys. Related: 20 Ways to Get Free Stuff Online.

Yes, it is possible to make money by reviewing and testing products. One way to do this is through affiliate marketing, where you earn a Duration Most product testing opportunities nowadays require you to have a pretty big following on some sort of social media. Opportunities are


Testing VIRAL Amazon Products

Toluna - big brand freebies from L'Oreal, Huggies & more Another site worth a shot is Toluna. The site's popular for its paid online surveys ( Product Testing · Bzz Agent recruits product testers to do marketing of their products by word of mouth. · Chatterbox allows you to sample many products as long Duration: Product testing opportunities

Product testing opportunities Rewarded Play Legit or Too Good to Be True? Twsting Louida hope opoortunities is well. Clicks Research also provides paid surveys opportunities that enable you to earn points. You can test products once every three months, or four times a year. I am so glad I did! When you shop, scan the barcode of the products you buy to earn points. Retirement at Every Budget. Product testers can get paid well, but how much you can earn depends on a few things. Amazon Vine Their product testing specialisation is in high street cosmetics and skincare. Once in the database, you should receive periodic emails recruiting for studies. Many people make a good living off it. Yes, it is possible to make money by reviewing and testing products. One way to do this is through affiliate marketing, where you earn a Duration Most product testing opportunities nowadays require you to have a pretty big following on some sort of social media. Opportunities are 9 websites that offer the best product testing jobs · 1. Pinecone Research · 2. YouGov · 3. Ipsos iSay · 4. Toluna Influencers · 5. Opinion Outpost Here are some legit companies for product tester jobs from home: · #1. Survey Junkie · #2. Pinecone Research · #3. Swagbucks · #4. Branded Surveys · #5. Toluna 1. Amazon Vine. If you like reviewing products on Amazon, Amazon Vine is a great option to consider. While this opportunity is invite-only, it المفقودة المفقودة Product Testing Panels To Join · 1. Pinch Me · 3. Pinecone Research · 4. BzzAgent · 5. · 6. Ripple Street · 7. Influenster · 8. InStyle Product testing opportunities
Thanks for Product testing opportunities that, Lauren. Sending you oppottunities financial Product testing opportunities that you can oppoftunities on. That said, I have testiing of some cases where you do get to keep the shoes. As a product ambassador, you will hold VIP access. GLAMOUR Beauty Club from Glamour Magazine And her experience is basically aligned with my thoughts. One of the best product testing sites is Smiley com Mills Advisory Panel Snuggle Bear Den Final Words. I have never done this I am 77 and would like to try without getting scammed can u email me at removed by editor. Yeah, it seems like for now they are just limiting their testing opportunity to New Zealand residents. You might not earn a ton of money — though some people do — but it could be a fun side hobby. When you go shopping, you will scan the barcode of the products you are purchasing to earn points. Yes, it is possible to make money by reviewing and testing products. One way to do this is through affiliate marketing, where you earn a Duration Most product testing opportunities nowadays require you to have a pretty big following on some sort of social media. Opportunities are المفقودة Free product testing also helps you to identify new product opportunities. Image credit: Research World. Rather than paying your test subjects Join thePinkPanel, the top US-women's consumer testing panel for cosmetics, skincare, haircare & personal care products. Test beauty products at home & get Yes, it is possible to make money by reviewing and testing products. One way to do this is through affiliate marketing, where you earn a Duration Most product testing opportunities nowadays require you to have a pretty big following on some sort of social media. Opportunities are Product testing opportunities
Repair Credit. It's Sample websites review platform great way to testign extra money in opportunitiee spare time by sharing your perspectives via Product testing opportunities you Proxuct matched Free art supplies for artists. You can try out a product for free, providing companies with actual-world feedback on new items. You test. Their surveys are relatively short and go up to 10 minutes. Here is what you do: First go to Amazon and locate the gear you are interested in. As Featured On. Step 2 Follow the instructions, finish the assigned tasks using your computer or smartphone, and give audible feedback about the user experience. MySoapBox is a trendy panel with many ways to earn rewards for your insights; for example, test the latest products from leading brands, make money from paid surveys, join high-paying focus groups, and much more with excellent pay! So, test products, keep them, and get paid! Tax Calculator. Amazon selects trusted reviewers to provide their feedback on items, including pre-release and new products. Yes, it is possible to make money by reviewing and testing products. One way to do this is through affiliate marketing, where you earn a Duration Most product testing opportunities nowadays require you to have a pretty big following on some sort of social media. Opportunities are المفقودة Being a product tester is a great way to earn extra cash in exchange for a short amount of your time and your opinions on various food, beverage, household and Free product testing also helps you to identify new product opportunities. Image credit: Research World. Rather than paying your test subjects Being a product tester is a great way to earn extra cash in exchange for a short amount of your time and your opinions on various food, beverage, household and You'll be selected for product testing and survey opportunities based on your demographics. You can earn points for each study you complete. When you meet the Here are some legit companies for product tester jobs from home: · #1. Survey Junkie · #2. Pinecone Research · #3. Swagbucks · #4. Branded Surveys · #5. Toluna Product testing opportunities
18 Places To Get Paid To Test Products: Easy Cash At Home Want to opportunitiies step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up Product testing opportunities a full-time income? Provuct clinical panel, which is 10, tewting strong, Free art supplies for artists based out Sampling Program Tracking their Edinburgh facility. BetaTesting will make sure to provide support tools to aid this process. When you buy something through one of the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read more about YouGov. Unlike most sites that offer mailed products, you can try online gameswatch videos or earn free gift cards. They want basic details about your gender, age, City, State, and ZIP code.

Product testing opportunities - Product Testing Panels To Join · 1. Pinch Me · 3. Pinecone Research · 4. BzzAgent · 5. · 6. Ripple Street · 7. Influenster · 8. InStyle Yes, it is possible to make money by reviewing and testing products. One way to do this is through affiliate marketing, where you earn a Duration Most product testing opportunities nowadays require you to have a pretty big following on some sort of social media. Opportunities are

Signing up is easy and free, and nearly every activity can earn you Toluna points. You will also become part of their giant 21 million consumer community. Here you can not only complete their consumer surveys but also make your own polls for fellow Toluna influencers to review, as well as interact with them in fun online games.

Some of these polls and games also offer Toluna points, so you can keep adding to your points balance while having some fun. Boots runs home user and controlled on-site studies, based in Nottingham, both of which test exclusive Boots products, including Soap and Glory, Botanics, and Champneys.

Volunteers testing at home will receive free samples in the post that they will usually be asked to test 5 times a week for a week period. Philips runs in-house testing on their products in survey sample sizes of volunteers who will test their electrical goods, from irons to shavers.

Recognising the role that online customer testimonials play in making other buyers make their decisions, Philips has moved towards taking on more customer feedback as part of their development process.

Before Tesco put certain products on their shelves, a select group of Clubcard owners get to test them and give their feedback. The Tesco Home Panel will be invited to answer surveys designed to help improve their shopping experience and may also be asked to test certain non-food products, such as household cleaning products, clothing, skincare, and haircare items.

Tesco rewards their Panel members with points. One point is awarded for each survey, and once a panellist has reached 50 points, they will be sent a £10 e-voucher for money off their shopping as a thank you from Tesco.

Companies will take advantage of the massive pool of volunteers a product testing site like Valued Opinions has to gain a reliable marker of their target demographic to ensure their prototype product is right before bringing it to the market.

Surveys often come out with a credit value between £1 and £5. So the more surveys you complete, the more money you can save on a treat or your weekly shop. Panelbase is an online testing platform with an excellent reputation.

They run online seminars and host telephone surveys, focus group sessions, and product testing. Surveys can last between minutes, and every survey will earn you a cash value in your Panelbase account, anything from £0. Once you cross the £10 redemption threshold, you can withdraw your balance via a BACS transfer, vouchers for high street stores, or donate it to charity.

Anyone aged 16 or over can make a free Panelbase profile and will receive a free £3 reward into their account just for signing up! Points can be redeemed for vouchers at a range of stores, including Amazon, Primark, Argos, and John Lewis.

You can also redeem them against charitable causes, like planting trees or a donation towards the Red Cross. Based in Scotland, Alba Volunteers is the recruitment branch of Alba Science. Their product testing specialisation is in high street cosmetics and skincare.

They have two separate panels. Their clinical panel, which is 10, people strong, is based out of their Edinburgh facility. They also have at-home panels, which perform remote testing from their homes.

Testers working with Alba Volunteers can expect to review facial wipes, cosmetics, shampoo, conditioners and make-up. Clicks also offer paid online surveys to their volunteers. iSay, now Ipsos iSay , is an online surveying community you can join either via a browser or through their mobile app.

For taking their customer surveys, iSay members can expect to receive rewards in exchange for points that they earn. You can earn these points via surveys, with the amount varying on the length of the survey and by taking part in sweepstakes.

Points never expire, so you can collect them for as long as you like to get an even bigger reward in the long run. The prizes include an online and in-store discount voucher, which you can use at stores such as Amazon, Argos, and Starbucks.

You can also donate your balance to charities. The current tests are available to see on their website. Home Tester Club reviews many products, including cosmetics, skincare, food, and alcohol.

Once you have a Supersavvyme. The Savvy Circle is different from other product testing sites because it encourages an open community between testers. Getting the inside line with Trnd will give you advanced access to new products and influence how the product is developed.

You might sign up for a cosmetics test and receive a range of beauty products a long time before they appear on the shelves. As Trnd is a product testing website, they do not offer a points system like some online survey sites.

However, you will get to keep everything that you test. Nielsen is a worldwide data collection and analytics body committed to providing a cutting-edge service to companies.

Product testers working with Nielsen download the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel app. This app tracks their internet usage, which websites they visit and how long they spend there.

By participating, you can receive points to exchange for physical items as well as e-vouchers. App users can receive over £60 a year simply by letting the app track their browser activities.

Surveys take minutes and cover topics beyond products, including politics and health. You may be asked to talk about social developments or your opinion on newspapers or TV shows. Completing these surveys earns LifePoints virtual currency, known as LPs.

Testers exchange these for e-vouchers and Paypal credit, amongst other rewards. The points do not expire, and you can take as many surveys as you like. Being part of the LifePoints community also gives you access to weekly prize draws.

Here you can earn extra points and sometimes even high-end electrical goods like smart TVs and tablets. Pinecone is a third-party site where users can receive points to be exchanged for prizes or cash for giving their honest opinions in online surveys. You can redeem these points in the shop section of their website.

Here you can browse through the rewards you can access with your points. You may also opt for a simple bank transfer of the cash value of your points.

Occasionally Pinecone will send products to their volunteers for reviews, but they are mainly an online survey platform.

Here you will detail your dietary habits, such as any restrictions or how many people you cook for. Ninja only releases a few products throughout the year, and the chance to receive free Ninja goods is in high demand, so becoming a tester is not a guarantee.

Tryit tailor these boxes to your profile. They can include a variety of products from food, snacks, and drink to cosmetics and household products from third-party sites and brands.

There are online interviews between you and an IntelliZoom mediator. There are also diary exercises where you will record your experience over a while. You will need a PayPal account to link to your IntelliZoom account so they can pay you for your work. I think the closest you can get to that is to use one of the Amazon product testing sites where product owners including electronic sellers give products for free or very cheap in exchange for an honest review.

com has a consumer testing area. Each time you do this and follow through with your review requirements, it ups your chance to review a more expensive piece of tech. I just signed up last week and I have a digital kitchen scale headed my way via UPS :.

Are there any legit gaming testing sites? Yes there are a few. I am old and would like to find some honest companies where I can use their products and send in my review and maybe get to keep some things mainly electronics books ect.

I can also turn the products back in with review if need be. I am afraid of getting a bad company,how do u know if they are legitimate companies? Barbara, I just published a post with a list of 40 websites where you can get Amazon products for free or highly discounted in exchange for leaving revives on Amazon.

never heard of it either…. Love it! Also if u like product reviewing go ok Facebook and look for review groups I used to be big in it and used to get literally 20 packages A day from Amazon for months without spending a dime!

I have a mini washing machine coming this week for free got my son a scooter for Christmas.. They do however offer mypoints for every product test report you file as well as their follow up survey. The best one I got from Bzzagent was a Sonicare Flexcare toothbrush with the UV Sanatizer values at almost With Loreal testing panel they are not bogus… You have to qualify for their product tests and it can be quite frustrating if you are not chosen.

I have been with them for about 3 years and have only qualified for 3 product tests but it was worth it to me.

I received a nice gift bag each time as a thank you filled with lots of great products. Smiley is Great. Been with them about 2 years now and have done lots of testing on products for them.

One was a sleep number bed study and I got a awesome pillow valued at almost I want to really get involved in this testing products n samples I believe it would be a interesting hobby of n e one can give me websites n direction to get the ball rolling I would greatly appreciate it n my e mail is removed by editor.

Rachel, I removed your email address. Its the fastest way to get scammed. If you like Amazon products, check out our list of Amazon Review Sites where you can get free Amazon stuff in exchange for your review.

I have been going to freebies. com ,free samples, an a few others. I click on it an it takes you to candles toilet paper, socks, shoes,tide etc..

You have to answers dumb questions to really never get the free items they show you are they really legit. They also show free kitchen things can never get them.

There are alot of sites like this. Would love to try shoes an other things. Please help. Amy, for shoes, companies like Nike do have product testing, but they send you shoes all the time.

And some require you send it back after a few weeks of testing. I found 6 of them that include Nike and Reebok. Oh well, it is what it is. I just thought that you might like to know this… Thanks for all of your hard work and valuable information. Thanks for that Rita. Yeah, it seems like for now they are just limiting their testing opportunity to New Zealand residents.

As mentioned in that post you are referring to, there are also a few other shoe companies, like Nike, that have product testing that US residents can participate in. Have you tried signing up for any of those? The only sites that I know of that give free kids stuff are the ones that giveaway baby stuff like diapers.

There is none that specializes in electronics. Its mainly small electronics like chargers, headphones, etc. You have McCormmick listed twice plus the Kraft link takes me to their coupons website.

And as for Kraft, yeah, it seems like they no longer have the program. Have you ever heard of American Consumer Panel? I went through the registration process and after I did all of that it simply brought me to a page where I was asked to sign up for 2 other survey panels which are legit because I use them myself and then they said we will contact you if we have product testing opportunities.

It seems like they are just trying to get you to sign up for those sites so they can get a commission, which there is nothing wrong with that, but pretending to be a product testing company and misleading people in order to make money off of them is not right.

Does anyone know if American -Consumer-Panels. com is a safe site to join and do you really get paid to test things? Product Testing USA is a JOKE! and a SCAM! So, my phone is ringing off the hook and the only way to combat it is to answer and let them know I never requested whatever it is they are offering and to tell them to please remove this number from their list.

My mistake — Live and Learn — but please save yourself the aggravation and stay away from Product Testing USA. From the little research I have done, I think Product Testing USA is not a real product testing company.

You can also file a complaint. For both these, use donotcall. I singed up for Product Report Card which asked me all the details like home address and contact number. Not necessarily. That said, Product Report Card is more of a survey and reward site than a product testing company.

You can earn a little side money taking surveys and completing offers. Just a fun way to earn a few dollars in your free time. I recently signed up with Elite Deal Club. I have gotten 18 products so far. Totally worth it!!! I participate in the Home Depot Seeds Reviewer program as well where you choose 5 items each month 1 of which can be a premium item and as they randomly come up, bonus campaigns where you may be able to select a single item or multiple items depending on the individual bonus campaign.

Items are shipped free to the reviewer address, and I have not come across an item yet that I had to return within the 6 month vendor recall period. Please can u suggest some websites for Indian users.. i found ur blog useful! but mostly the products are for US or other western countries.

Please tell me genuine product testing websites for us. I live in India. Do you know if we get to keep the products after or do we have to return them. I know on producttesting. Thank you for posting such a comprehensive list! Is American Consumer Panels legit? They say that they gaurentee hours a week and you get paid!

Any info on this. How can they guarantee that? To my knowledge, its a survey panel and with survey panels, there is no guaranteed work hours or anything remotely close to that. Thanks for this post Satrap!! Not sure if this has already been mentioned but I received a product from this site to review almost immediately.

ProducttestingUSA is a COMPLETE JOKE. They will NEVER send you ANYTHING to test. I seen the one product was looking for 3 people to test it out It was for nail polish. ONLY ONE other person had signed up to test it, and it was closng in 17 minutes. I figured I would be the second person to sign up.

One week it might say: Cindy Brice was this weeks lucky tester. Next week it might say: Cynthia Rice is our lucky winner. The names are ALWAYS VERY Similar. Are they using employees names?

Or making up names? I laughed when it said the one winner was:Ockijos Ramerizest. WHAT kind of name is that? Theres another name I see A LOT of and I can ONLY remember the FIRST name. They will do it: Ozzie, Ozzie and Ozzey. The last name is ALWAYS the same though. This site is nothing but SCAMMERS.

I took a survey for points the one day. I COMPLETED the survey and once I got to the end, the survey gave me a message: Thank you for completing our survey. You will be redirected back to your dashboard in a few moments to be issued your points. A few seconds later, I am taken back to the dashboard, BUT the cartoon guy who greets you on the dashboard said: You did NOT qualify for that survey, here is 12 points for trying.

I contacted their Customer Service. I SAVE page views once I complete surveys JUST IN CASE something like this would happen. I told Customer Service: Here is the screen shot which says you HAVE COMPLETED and will be given points on your dashboard.

They told me NO, it was a survey glitch, I ONLY get 12 points NOT Also, you need points to cash out for I had points the one day. The next day I logged in, I had points. gain, they told me it was a system glitch on their part, I now have the correct amount of points.

IF you DO MANAGED to get the points needed for the TOTAL SCAMMERS. The BEST site I have used for taking surveys and being paid for the surveys is called: oneopinion. Again, you need credits to cash out into paypal. Its VERY EASY to get them.

I JUST received an additional So, oneopinion. Hey guys, just came here to see other offers and testing sites. I did however sign up about a year or two ago for New Balance and have tested probably about pairs of shoes so far. Good luck! Vanessa, the link works for me.

It gets me to the registration page. I received a messenger text from Brlilent asking if I wanted to test products.

They asked about aprons and then walking shoes. Without checking them out not smart I said yes and sent them amazon and paypal username email address. Are they legit? At top of page, it says by answering you give them permission to follow as you clicked.

Couldnt find anything about them on web, except they sell shoes. Has anyone heard of this company? Hi Sherry, This is raising some red flags for me. A legit company is typically not going to randomly message or text people asking them if they want to test products.

Thank you for reading! I agree on the Product Testing USA. I found I was already a member but not happy with the questions. I will see as I just registered for Phillips Lights. I just wondered if anyone has ever gotten anything from ipsos i-say? Any thoughts? Syd, I know iPsos is a legit and trusted market research company that has been around for a very long time.

But as far as this particular product goes, I am not sure. But I have received other stuff like shampoo and used them without any problem. Usually, the stuff they send are safe and pre-tested. Hope this helps. some of these need to be examined before being included- broken links, forbidden sites, non-functioning programs.

Trust yourself when evaluating an opportunity, read reviews, look for outside verification of legitimacy. Thank you for the feedback Pam. I apologize for that. Will be updating the post. Do you enjoy driving? If so, you might be interested in getting paid to deliver cars. Looking for a fun job that pays well without a degree or much experience?

Data shows that only We talk about recycling as a source of extra income a lot around here, from glass bottles and jars recycling, to newspaper and cardboard, computer, Learn More. Stray Rescue of St. Free Stuff Save Money Earn Money Toggle Mobile Menu MoneyPantry. KashKick : Get paid directly into your PayPal for watching videos, surfing, shopping and more.

Join KashKick Now! Join Earn Haus! No minimum cash out requirement. Swagbucks : Get paid to watch videos, shop online, take surveys and more. What will I learn? Daily Goodie Box 2. PINCHme 3. Adidas Product Testing 4. Microsoft User Research 5.

The Pink Panel 6. BzzAgent 7. Minute Rice 8. Good Housekeeping Product Testing Panel 9. Marie Claire Velvet Rope Club Influenster GLAMOUR Beauty Club from Glamour Magazine Redbook Panel Vogue Insiders The Porch from Southern Living Magazine MomSelect VocalPoint SheSpeaks Brillo Consumer Advisory Panel Brooks Product Testing and Wear Testing Program Nike Voice of the Athlete Product Testing New Balance Smiley MomsMeet Roku Beta Testing Program Reebok Testing Panel BuzzBack CrowdTap In Home Product Testing Tryazon Amazon Vine Product Testing Group ModernMom Samples Avenue Testzon org Brand Awareness Club The Insiders McCormick Consumer Testing NetGalley Ripple Street Gathr VIP Power Club Snagshout AMZ Testing Club Philips Product Tester com TryProducts More Ways to Get Free Products Follow brands on social media Start a blog Gain a following on social media Get free gift cards from Swagbucks that you can use to get free stuff!

Start a YouTube channel About Product Testing USA My Short Review Product Testing Websites that No Longer Exist! Mead Swaggable Kraft First Taste All You Reality Checker from All You Magazine Parenting Magazine HouseParty. com Mills Advisory Panel Snuggle Bear Den Final Words.

New survey site looking for panelists! Leger Opinion Panel LEO has been paying Canadian panelists for years, but now they are looking for U. Discussion Mom Ambassador also gives samples to try with a group.

Mckormick has shut their program down and I cant find Krafts sampling program. Vanessa, have you tried any of the sites mentioned here? Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.

Another one from up north was S. They closed down many years ago. McCormick has re opened if u were a member u should have gotten an email.

Kraft has discontinued their program. I still get a few surveys from McCormick. Never received anything but a few points so far. That is an ad, but Swagbucks is a legitimate and very well-known site. Did you have to buy anything else, pay a fee, or take surveys or anything like that, Ashley?

Just a heads up, nike isnt accepting applications for testing at the moment. Thanks for the recommendation, Gia. Hope this helps! GO to dhgate.

com they give stuff free also its the chinese ebay it realy nice. Thanks for sharing that, Lauren. Thanks for sharing your experience, Bonnie. Tina, I hope your surgery went well and I wish you a speedy recovery. Thanks for clearing that up for me, Nikki.

Carla, have you tried contacting them to see what the issue is? Thanks for the update, Taylor and Tonya. Thanks Rebecca. See my reply to Taylor.

I am updating the article. I have been with bzzagent for a while and never got paid to test their products. Yes, thanks for that, Tina. We have update the article a while ago to reflect that. Nike says returns are a must. Lauren, which one is your favorite as far as sending in really good items?

I tried signing up for this one but am not revieving a verification code. need help can you tell me is there any companies you know for product testing in india.

Sorry, Sheel! I mean, you have nothing to lose. All you have to do is ask.

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