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Update Your Old Shower and Tub on a Budget. Find out how to Get Gardening Supplies for Free or Cheap. Filed Under: Frugal [ Oops, I typed the wrong URL when I logged in to comment.

If you click on my name, it won't take you to my site. Newbie mistake. This comment has the right URL and of course the link to the post itself is correct.

Gina, those are GREAT ideas! I just posted a blog post about gardening freebies yesterday and thought afterwards that I should have included links on how to make a rain barrel, etc. I think your post complements mine nicely and I linked to it. I hope you don't mind!

I've started my own garden this year so all of those tips are very useful. Thanks, [ Garage sales and flea markets are also sources of gardening tools.

One doesn't need much tool-wise especially if you can share with neighbors. Share Tweet Pin Email. Turkey Hummus Pinwheels. Click here to cancel reply. Free Admission on National Public Gardens Day Tuesday 8th of May Nathalie Thursday 22nd of March Gardening Freebies Thursday 22nd of March Barb A Life in Balance Thursday 22nd of March The good news is, you can!

Here are some places to find free seeds perfect for use in your garden:. Your kitchen. Save seeds from foods such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.

Rinse them, dry them, and store them in a cool and dry place until planting time. Ask your local city offices. Many city park departments will give out free seeds, especially wildflower seeds, to residents who intent on using them.

Call your local parks department to see what they may offer. Have you seen these brilliant gardening claws? They attach to your gardening gloves so you can really get down and dirty! Get your own pair here! Check your local library. During the spring months, local libraries tend to offer gardening presentations.

See if any of these gatherings include freebies such as seeds and seedlings and if so, get your tail there! Check with neighbors. Do you know a neighbor thinning out their flower garden? Since this needs to be done each year, chances are they have some plants to get rid of. Let neighbors know you will take any seedlings they thin out and put them to good use.

You have seeds, seedlings, fertilizer, and know how to pollinate your plants, so now you need supplies such as garden tools and of course water. Craft a rain barrel. Head to YouTube. com and learn how to craft a rain barrel so you can collect rain water and water your plants for free.

Check Craigslist. Check out the freebie or gardening section on Craigslist. People are always giving away free plant starts, garden fencing, bricks, stones, mulch, and other gardening freebies.

Join a local gardening group. See if there is a gardening group local to your area, or join one on Facebook. This is always a great place to connect with other frugal gardeners willing to trade or giveaway free gardening items.

Now, try to upcycle materials you already have to complete your garden. So many everyday items can prove useful in the garden and help you grow for less. Get creative with plant markers. Wood craft sticks, pieces of broken terra cotta, and even wooden spoons make great plant markers.

Use what you have instead of buying new. Here is a tutorial for Scrabble Tile Plant Markers you can try.

Create a free garden walkway. We used old pallets to make our garden more accessible. Check out our Wood Pallet Garden Walkway and see how you can do the same. You want to keep the pests out of your garden, right? Here are some free ways to keep pests at bay so you are the only one enjoying your hard work!

Behold the power of beer and dish soap. Make your own slug traps by adding a few teaspoons of beer to a shallow dish and placing it in the garden. You can also get rid of most pests by creating a spray of water with a few drops of blue dish soap added.

These 20 Places to Find Free Garden Catalogs Seeds Supplies and More can be super helpful when planning your garden.

Start by looking for free garden catalogs, then follow the other steps to get your garden growing healthy! You will find that even on the tightest of budgets, you can really get growing.

How to Grow Hydrangeas How to Grow Hula Berries How to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Garden How to Use Irish Spring to Repel Pests How to Use Worm Castings in Your Garden.

You may have heard that the USDA provides free samples of seeds through mail. The kit contents vary, but it's a free way to start gardening 20 Places to Find Free Garden Catalogs Seeds Supplies and More · 1. Burpee · 2. Annie's Annuals · 3. Gardens Alive · 4. RH Shumway · 5. Burgess Seed Co. · 6 Home & Garden Free Stuff & Freebies: Get thousands of freebies and free stuff at

Frugal Gardening – How to Get Plants for Free!


10 FREE Garden HACKS Using Household Items, You Can't Afford to Miss This! Burpee Burpee is one of Free gardening samples oldest companies in the business. Free Plant Food Free gardening samples Free electronics sample deals are smaples you the chance Frer get your hands on a FREE plant care bundle from British plant food brands, Baby Bio and Phostrogen! EdrawMax gives you a collection of garden layout templates that you can customize. Requesting your free plants is quick, Read More Ann Arbor, MI oldhousegardens.

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