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posted by Bluebell Events. All Real Birthday Photos. Although it may seem counterintuitive, pop-up events can drive sales and promote business growth by offering your patrons a mobile retail experience.

Many shoppers — particularly young, tech-savvy consumers — prefer to blend an in-person shopping experience with a mobile one. Consumers use their phones for various reasons, from reading product details and customer reviews to checking online for coupons and making purchases.

A sale is a sale, and promoting a seamless mobile retail experience is a wise strategy for any pop-up event. Many pop-up shop events include multiple vendors in a designated event space, which means the lack of brick-and-mortar discourages patrons from expecting to be confined to typical transaction types.

Although some vendors may utilize mobile payments and other methods of electronic payments, many vendors may expect cash. Utilizing different event types will attract different kinds of customers, and many people will be attracted to the spontaneous nature of a pop-up experience.

Because your event will utilize the element of surprise, people will be curious about what it will entail and be open to having whatever experience you curate. Because pop-up events are surprising, sporadic, and may only occur once, patrons are more inclined to remember them.

Assume, for example, you own an interior decor shop. You have brick-and-mortar and online stores where patrons can interact with you and buy your products. However, a nearby venue is hosting a pop-up event in their beer garden over the summer and has invited neighboring businesses to set up small booths while outdoor drinks are served and a local band plays live music.

In this example, your customers are far more likely to remember purchasing a throw blanket from you at this unique event than if they had simply bought it from your online store.

Defining goals for your pop-up event is essential to ensure it benefits your business. For example, if your goal is to reach a new audience base, that will impact factors like where and when your event is held.

Alternatively, if your goal is to sell products by capitalizing on the holiday shopping season, this will also impact the type of event you want to host. After you set definable and achievable goals, you will need to plan your event.

Pop-ups still require careful organization, and you will need to plan for event details, such as:. You should clearly define your event plan and make all necessary arrangements ahead of time to guarantee your pop-up event is well organized. Consider utilizing event management software to streamline the process.

Designing an effective marketing strategy for your event will help ensure attendance. Consider developing a marketing strategy that includes the following event promotion tactics :. The venue will define your event, so selecting one that meets your needs and budget is essential.

Whether you book a small venue space for an intimate pop-up experience or a large outdoor area for a bigger event, booking your venue should be one of your first steps when planning your event.

Arrive at your event space ahead of time to facilitate venue staff and vendors getting set up. As the event is underway, be sure to check in and make sure no unforeseen issues arise. No event is entirely without issues, and you will likely face a few bumps in the road.

Consider utilizing strategies like email surveys to reach out to event attendees for feedback about how you could have improved their experience and implement any helpful changes.

Then consider event-specific needs like power, WiFi, lighting, sound, projection, decor, and payment systems. Make sure your event will comply with ADA accessibility guidelines for parking, building entrances, and other reasonable accommodations.

If you will have food and beverage service, know the requirements for keeping food and drinks in food-safe areas and at the proper temperatures. Logistical headaches are reduced when a pop-up holiday craft fair is held in a hotel ballroom with one table outside to bring in foot traffic vs.

holding the entire event outdoors. With their ability to roam and their food-safe setups, food trucks are a boon to pop-up events. But talk with food truck owners and check municipal regulations: in some locations, food trucks are highly regulated and they are often prohibited from operating within a certain distance of brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Schedule save-the-date social media posts and teaser images in the leadup to your event. Make these pictures and their captions mysterious if the pop-up incorporates an element of surprise. Establish your pop-up as a location on Facebook so that people will be able to check-in on event progress.

Notify the press of the event as well through press releases and local contacts, and provide complimentary tickets to reporters if it makes sense for the event goals.

Pop-ups are often local, and you want to grab the attention of people who could become your customers. Post flyers at stores and coffee shops frequented by your target audience, and consider leaflets and sandwich boards on the day of the event to capture foot traffic.

In , more than half of B2B marketers say that extending beyond the live experience of an event is imperative to the success of their strategy.

Provide Instagrammable visuals and a concise, relevant hashtag. At the event, gather the email addresses of your attendees at check-in or when they make a purchase. Then nurture these contacts with targeted post-event campaigns.

Pencils and pens are useful to everyone, but are there inexpensive items popular with your audience in particular? Custom tattoos or stickers?

Pop-up events are creative and temporary events that are hosted in unique spaces for a few hours or a few days before being taken down Examples of Pop-Up Strategies to Keep Momentum in Events: · 1. Host Special Events · 2. Set Up Event Banners · 3. Creative Online Marketing Our collection of the most inspiring and coolest popup spaces, and pop-up businesses we could find. Check out our other Pinterest folders for more examples

Sample Pop-up Events - 22 Creative Pop-Up Shops & Events to Inspire Your Brand Marketing · 1. A Pop-Up Shop With a Festive Floral Front · 2. Multi-City Nike Pop-Up Shop Pop-up events are creative and temporary events that are hosted in unique spaces for a few hours or a few days before being taken down Examples of Pop-Up Strategies to Keep Momentum in Events: · 1. Host Special Events · 2. Set Up Event Banners · 3. Creative Online Marketing Our collection of the most inspiring and coolest popup spaces, and pop-up businesses we could find. Check out our other Pinterest folders for more examples

Download the free Ultimate Guide to Event Gamification to learn how! The key to pop-up event success is to build enough excitement to attract as many participants as possible within a brief time frame. Social media is going to be your best friend here. One way to drive curiosity and excitement in your audience is to post fun teaser photos and mysterious captions on social media.

For one of my clients, we used pop-up events for their Apprentice-inspired team-building project. Save-the-date notices were sent out through the radio, social media, and newspapers. One team leveraged the radio and had many people pop in after work indicating they had been listening to the broadcasts all day.

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Company Careers Press Contact. Contact Us We Are Hiring In the Press Watch the Product Tour. The Right Venue Pop-up events can take place in temporary venues like event domes, igloos, and marquees or permanent structures like retail spaces and resorts. Watch Now. Download Now. Book a Demo. Is it worth opening a permanent shop or repeating the experience elsewhere?

What would you do differently? In other words, make sure your event has a unique "pull" to get people through the door. This could mean offering unique products, experiences, or insights that they can't easily get elsewhere. The last thing you want is for your customers to leave your pop-up shop thinking, "Well, that was fun.

What's next? That's why Nguyen recommends giving attendants a clear call to action. For example, this could mean signing up for a newsletter, posting a photo with a specific hashtag, purchasing a product, signing up for a giveaway, or attending another event. The media will be your friend in getting the word out.

Reach out to local publications to see if you can earn a feature and draft a press release to see if you can earn coverage. It may even be worthwhile to send exclusive invites to a few journalists for the date of your launch.

Influencers and bloggers may have smaller reach than traditional media outlets, but their followings will likely be highly targeted and engaged. Find out how much promotion might be, and don't be afraid to offer perks! Promote to your existing Facebook followers by creating a Facebook event and inviting them.

This will spread awareness to your existing fans and increase the reach of your pop-up marketing efforts. Facebook has advanced targeting options for audience type and geographical area, making it an ideal channel to spread the word to prospects who don't know you yet.

Read more about how to create a Facebook ad. Tap into your existing customer base and let them know about your pop-up with email marketing. Your campaign will be even more successful if you can segment your database and target your customers in the area.

One of the best ways to promote a local event is through direct mail campaigns to residents in the nearest zip codes.

Mailers function as invites to the general public. You'll also be able to push the promotions you're running. FOMO fear of missing out can motivate buyers to show up and engage. You can tap into this with exciting promotional strategies such as contests, freebies, discounts, and door-buster deals.

Signage will help you get the attention of nearby foot traffic, so invest in flyers, banners, and window clings that are attractive and catch the eyes of passers-by. QR codes are a great way to allow customers to scan a code and get more information even if they are on the go.

You can use a QR code generator to produce a new code and add it to existing signs and displays. To inspire your next branded experience, we've curated a list of these innovative and visually stunning pop-up events.

For most pop-up shops, the goal is to move inventory. But this event by ShopRunner and Coach had other things in mind.

Over three days, guests could visit the ShopRunner branded truck, sign up for their app via QR code, and, in exchange, receive a free flower bouquet to gift a loved one for Mother's Day. Image Source. The Museum of Ice Cream brought its famous sprinkle pool to New York's Hudson Yard to celebrate National Ice Cream Day it's July 16th, in case you want to make a note in your calendar.

The cherry on top — pun intended — was their collab with Friendly's, who supplied complimentary ice cream. Guests could also participate in games and win raffles. To celebrate BLACKPINK's new album, BORN PINK, Spotify presented a three-day immersive pop-up that was dreamed up by the group's four members.

It included photo rooms, a pink boba bar, giveaways, and — who could miss it — a cube of mirrors at the center of it all. One standout feature of the event was the merchandise store, which offered exclusive items only to those in attendance.

Such exclusivity is a powerful strategy to enhance perceived value and drive fans to events in the first place. How do you bring the flavors of South Korea to London? With an immersive, multi-room pop-up that appeals to all your senses, that's how! Jongga Kimchi , one of Korea's leading kimchi brands, created a pop-up that spanned three rooms, each showcasing the history of kimchi and its role in Korean cuisine and culture.

The stand-out room, in my opinion, was "Kimchi Alley," where a rotating lineup of London's top chefs crafted mouthwatering dishes, all starring kimchi. Londoners could see first-hand how to infuse Korean flavors into their favorite dishes.

Ahead of its third season, fans of Hulu's Only Murders in the Building could stop at the United Palace Theater in New York City — a real-life filming location from the show — and investigate the murder of Ben Glenroy, played by Paul Rudd.

Upon entering the United Palace, guests were presented with a playbill and flashlight, and were free to roam around for clues throughout the theater. This two-day event proved to be a fun, immersive experience for fans, with mystery and photo-ops aplenty.

Creative directors Ikkyu and Junya Sato noticed that young adults in Harajuku had a serious fast food problem — and they decided to do something about it.

To promote organic food chain Dohtonbori, they launched Fast Food Aid, a pharmacy-inspired pop-up that offers a selection of health supplements aimed at junk food lovers. And all it will cost you is a receipt from a fast food place.

After a guilty indulgence, exchange your receipt for a customized bottle of supplements that will replenish the nutrients missed at your last meal. Each canister is aimed at a particular junk food — ramen, pizza, hamburger, etc.

Although Dohtonbori isn't actually selling anything for profit at the shop, its been able to educate visitors about health and wellness, hopefully driving them to opt for healthier food options in the future — like Dohtonbori's own restaurant.

Experimental architecture firm Snarkitecture was inspired by mirrored surfaces and simple silhouettes when designing this temporary retail space for LA-based fashion label COS. The reflected space "creates an unexpected and altered world for visitors to experience and share.

What's a designer to do when they're facing a tight budget? Experiment with creative materials. This pop-up retail space for Australian clothier Arnsdorf was created by using pairs of neutral-colored pantyhose, and the effect is otherworldly. Image Credit: Fast Company. What does color taste like?

If anyone knows the answer to that question, it's Pantone. The world's most well-known color company has been running a pop-up café in Monaco for the past two summers, selling a minimal menu of pastries, lunch options, coffees, and fresh juices — all branded with Pantone's signature color swatches.

So does this mean Pantone is permanently branching out into cuisine? Not quite. The seasonal eatery is perfect Instagram-bait, and it has successfully generated a ton of buzz in the press. It's a perfect example of a pop-up event enabling a company to take creative risks with its brand by stepping outside of its typical business model.

For one weekend, Kotex launched a pop-up in New York aimed at alleviating negativity and spreading love for women during their periods. The store, which was developed by ad agency Organic , featured ice cream, manicures, chocolate, comfy clothing, and Kotex U products for sale.

Women were invited to browse the brightly colored offerings and share their experiences. And it was all for a good cause, too. Proceeds were donated to a women's homeless shelter. Makeup brand Milani took its pop-up event on wheels.

Fans of Milani had the opportunity to stop by their newsstand truck to purchase their new lip oils, snack on some tasty macaroons flavored after the news lip oil scents , and even snag a product bundle.

Fans could also snap a Polaroid picture in front of the truck, covered with Milani branding. Using exaggerated monochrome imagery, Forgot crafted a whimsical office scene from paper, complete with a typewriter and a clock that ran backward.

For a few weeks, real agency employees took turns "working" in the window. The whole thing was then broadcast live via webcam on the agency's website for anyone who was curious enough to watch.

How do you make inexpensive, packaged underwear appeal to high-end consumers? Just create a "luxury" lingerie pop-up with a fake, fancy-sounding name.

Früt sold only Fruit of the Loom undergarments, but shoppers who usually wouldn't deign to buy the brand were lured in by the high-end guise. In a clever shot aimed at the artisanal coffee movement, creative branding agency Humanaut opened up a pop-up cafe to promote its client Organic Valley's new coffee creamer.

The temporary Manhattan storefront adhered to all of the typical hipster tropes -- a minimal logo featuring arrows and X's, modern glass mugs, and trendy sizes -- Lil Bit, Double, and Lotta. And they cast a real Organic Valley farmer as the shop's folksy proprietor.

There was one catch: The shop only sold measured portions of half-and-half.


Vendor Market Event Setup - What to bring to POP UP EVENTS - FREE CHECKLIST - Olivia Heyward Eventd are more likely Sample Pop-up Events convert when the offer closely Samlle to Discounted grocery staples Bargain grocery specials on the page. If not, you can use social media or attend local events Affordable food discounts meet other entrepreneurs Eventss discover Pol-up brands. Email pop-ups should highlight a benefit Your pop-up should clearly explain the benefit of your offer so people know why they should sign up. These pop-up events typically last for a weekend and feature a collection of beers from local breweries. Consider utilizing strategies like email surveys to reach out to event attendees for feedback about how you could have improved their experience and implement any helpful changes. Pop Up Ideas & Inspiration

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