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Contest posts can be scheduled with the Planner. Learn more about how Hootsuite can help you with Instagram contests and, well, all of your other social media efforts :. You can choose how many winners you want and adjust criteria like mentions and hashtags.

The following 11 giveaways demonstrate different contest strategies, entry methods, prize ideas and creative ways to promote your giveaway. This is the simplest form of IG giveaway. Your audience enters by interacting with the post through liking, commenting or sharing—and post importantly, following.

A post shared by KAZO kazowoman. Asking users to tag their friends in the comments—and counting each of those comments as an entry—is basically an evil genius move. Tagging a friend is less of an evil genius move when it actually has something to do with your brand, or the giveaway itself.

A post shared by Crazy Shirts crazyshirts. A new product launch is a great reason to host a contest—it helps create hype around the product and share news of the launch with your audience. You can partner with a brand on both the contest promotion and the prize—for example, in the contest below, a reusable takeout container brand collaborated with a vegan food producer, and the prize includes products or services from both brands.

A post shared by Reusables. Or, a contest collaboration can just include a prize from one of the brands, while the other collaborator simply promotes the contest—as is the case with this wedding registry company x KitchenAid collab.

Reusable containers and vegan food producers both have the goal of sustainability, while the wedding registry company and KitchenAid have crossovers in their industries. A post shared by Natural Grocers naturalgrocers. Create attention-grabbing—and informative— visual content to help spread the word about your giveaway.

For example, the Instagram contest below uses one long graphic posted as three separate carousel images. It creates a cool effect when scrolling, and also shares a lot of information about the contest and the prize without being too visually overwhelming.

A post shared by Bloomsbury Mill bloomsburymill. When it comes to social media marketing, videos are the name of the game in Try making a Reel to draw viewers in and advertise your contest.

For the giveaway below, the creator made a Reel that first engages users with strong visuals and sounds an ASMR-ish cooking video and includes a contest in the description.

He keeps the format simple, just like his non-contest Reels. As a creator, paid partnerships are one of the best ways to make money on Instagram —and as a business, paid partnerships are a great method for expanding your target audience and getting some major street cred.

Partner with a trusted creator who has an impressive portfolio for the best results—for example, the adorable visuals in the paid partnership contest below.

If your page advertises products you can ask entrants to post a photo with your wares. You can also encourage your audience to post a photo that simply follows a theme. Contests like these are also a great way to collect testimonials.

Hashtags make for a great way to host giveaways. Explain exactly what interested folks need to do to enter the contest. Short entry form. Make sure you ask for the needed details only, capturing at least an email address—making the process as frictionless as possible.

On-brand design. Select your brand fonts, design elements, and colors to design the page for familiarity. Doritos Giveaway Landing Page. Landing Page Example. Corkcicle EPCOT Giveaway Page. ColourPop Giveaway Landing Page.

Ellen Back to School Giveaway Landing Page. Muddy Bites Monthly Giveaway Page. Master the Market Course Giveaway Page. Doritos NachoYourWay giveaway page This example giveaway landing page starts with an attention-arresting, high-quality header image that captures the giveaway in summary—create your own nacho recipe:.

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Post Purchase Survey 6 Post-Purchase Survey Examples You Can Steal to Learn More About Your Customers. Cross Selling Examples 6 Cross-Selling Examples You Can Use to Bump Up LTV.

PROS lots of opportunities to show off your brand logo. PROS interactive fun for attendees. CONS only players at a time expensive to rent or set up.

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We rank the best event giveaway ideas for corporate, charity, and company events, from spin the wheel prize draws to live mobile This article shares some excellent Instagram giveaway examples and contest ideas to use to grow your Instagram followers and leads Looking to stand out with your promotional giveaway? Check out these 30 unique ideas that will differentiate you from the competition. Let's dive in!

11 Instagram Giveaway Ideas That Will Get You New Followers


DIY Giveaways Using Recycled Plastic -- Wedding Favors -- Birthday Giveaways -- DIY Favors Ideas Giveawwy this Miniature perfume samples worked by leveraging Sammple. About Sample giveaway events ShareThis has unlocked the evenys of Sampoe digital behavior by synthesizing social Sample giveaway events, interest, and intent data since This is a smart strategy for boosting follower numbers and brand awareness for related brand identities. That brings us to the next idea in our ranking: raffles and giveaways. This analysis can help you improve your future campaigns. Screenshot via Instagram by Diaper-eez.

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