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Pre-launch reports Spot issues before they affect your users. Go to Play Console. Launch with confidence Every time you publish an app bundle or APK to a test track, you'll automatically receive a pre-launch report.

Customize your tests Define your test starting points and paths, check how your app looks in specific languages, test behind a log-in screen, and more.

Get unique insights Discover information about Android compatibility, security and privacy vulnerabilities, and accessibility that's not easily available elsewhere.

Publish your APK to the default closed or open testing track to be eligible for a pre-launch report To ensure your app is tested in full, if your app has a sign-in screen, provide test account credentials Check how your app runs on different versions of Android, and in particular on the latest version Identify security vulnerabilities and take action before your app reaches all users Customize your tests further by specifying language preferences, deep links, or even test paths.

How to run and customize your report Visit the Play Console Help Center to learn how to get the data you need. How to interpret your results Discover the different tests in your pre-launch report and learn how to assess your launch readiness.

Pre-launch reports training course Take a free five-minute course on how to run and interpret your pre-launch report. Get more from Firebase Test Lab Run more customizable tests targeting specific devices, locales, or versions of Android.

How pre-launch reports can help create accessible apps? Watch now. Fixing "Edit Text" elements in pre-launch reports. Fixing content labels in pre-launch reports.

Fixing color contrast issues in pre-launch reports. More on releasing with confidence. Releases overview Monitor your builds to manage your releases at every stage of the process. Production Make your app or game available to users on Google Play.

Shortly after the release of 1. Double Fine's Tim Schafer stated that they opted for this solution as while DF-9 represented their first experiment with the early access approach, they had reached a point where the amount of money earned from sales of the game in early access were not covering the production costs, and the timeline to reach the planned goals would have been several years down the road.

Video game critics have generally developed policies to avoid doing final, scored reviews for games in early access, instead offering interim commentary on the game.

Polygon states they feel that they should provide consumer commentary on any product that is being sold to consumers, but recognize that early access titles are still in-progress works and thus will handle these in a different manner than their normal product reviews. Games still in early access have generally not been considered for the industry's top awards, since they have technically not yet been published yet and received in-depth critical reviews.

However, the question of whether early access games can qualify for these awards was raised in when PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was nominated for several awards including Game of the Year for The Game Awards ; at the time, Battlegrounds was nearing its first non-early access release, but had yet to officially publish outside it.

The early access approach has been criticized by some; as noted by Ben Kurchera of Polygon stated that the early access model validates the use of unfinished games as a "valid business strategy".

Another concern related to early access is how long the title spends in that state. Most successful titles that have used early access typical remained in early access for about one year before a full release. Some have stayed in an early access state for multiple years, such as Kerbal Space Program and DayZ , and others have remained in a perpetual early access state, like Star Citizen.

Consumers do not necessarily have assurance of when the early access period will be done, or if it will ever be considered complete. Due to some early access failures, such as Spacebase DF-9 , by early access has gained a negative connotation, as games do not have the quality assurances of complete titles, and in the case of Steam's Early Access, the lack of curating and testing by Steam to make sure the games are representative of the storefront's description.

Among these include the statement that games on early access should be in a playable alpha or beta state, there are clear expectations of what the final product of the game will be like, and that the developer intends to continue work on the game, and can be financial stable to ultimately release a finished product.

Other games have been considered by commentators to have used the early access approach well in light of the above concerns, typically bringing near-finished products with frequent and continual content updates and direct interaction between developer and players to improve the product before its final release.

Games with roguelike features appear well suited to take advantage of early access, allowing the developers to tweak the procedural generation systems with player feedback. Several titles that have used Steam's Early Access in such a manner include Invisible, Inc.

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A guide to Google Play's pre-launch tools. The months leading up to a game's release are critically important to make it a lasting success I usually pre-order games if they are a sequel to an awesome game and if I want to play them directly after release. And, how I learned, if they are made by Missing

Play pre-release game samples - Explore real-world success stories from renowned studios like Rockstar and Epic Games to craft an effective pre-launch game studio marketing A guide to Google Play's pre-launch tools. The months leading up to a game's release are critically important to make it a lasting success I usually pre-order games if they are a sequel to an awesome game and if I want to play them directly after release. And, how I learned, if they are made by Missing

If your local store is charging more than that then you might want to consider looking elsewhere. Some stores may charge more but include additional stuff beyond just the regular prerelease kit. Plan for about 4 to 5 hours in most cases.

According to the Magic Tournament Rules, you're given at least 45 minutes to build your deck from your prerelease pack. If you play four minute rounds with some extra time built in , you can imagine the event will take about five hours.

This allows an hour for deck building plus an hour for each round. Most events are typically between three to five minute rounds. Some may go longer if there are more players but I've never gone past five rounds for an event. If you're concerned about time, be sure to contact the store for more details.

Take Inventory Illustration by Greg Staples. But don't let a lack of these dissuade you from coming! You're always welcome to just show up and play regardless. The contents of the kit can change from set to set. Wizards has done this a few times, mainly when there's a big focus on multicolored cards in the set.

The prerelease foil promos are totally legal in all formats. They just have a special foil stamp on them to show that they came from a prerelease kit. Bound in Gold Illustration by Victor Adame Minguez.

Prerelease promos can sometimes go for the same price as a regular pack foil but most of these are around the same price as the regular non-foil variant thanks to the wide array of different borders and art styles.

For the last few years each prerelease kit has also come with an additional promo code card. You can redeem these codes in MTG Arena to get a free entry into a Sealed event for that set. Each code is single use only. You can redeem them on the Store page in Arena. Keep in mind that only one code can be redeemed per account.

On top of that, the promo code for MTGA is only once per account so they aren't worth anything to most people. For only five bucks more you can get a bundle that comes with more packs, a special sided die, basic lands, and a nice storage box. Travel Preparations Illustration by Vincent Proce. Naturally you'll want to prepare yourself and be ready to play with all these new cards.

But how? Well, the internet offers a ton of resources for you to get up to speed with the latest cards and strategies. My personal choice is to just hop onto MTG Arena and play a Sealed event.

The price is comparable to a prerelease, you get to use the cards on Arena, and Wizards opens up the event a week before paper prerelease events so you can get an upper hand on players who only play in paper.

Plus you can use all the resources I'm about to cover for your Sealed event for some practical use. And if you end up doing well you might earn enough gems to play another! And another!

I might just be bragging here, but I ended up running five back-to-back Forgotten Realms Sealed events out of sheer luck. Draftsim's own set overview pieces cover everything you need to know about each set from cards, products, lore, mechanics, and any other fun details.

And after the set is fully spoiled, we also publish our own set reviews! Draftsim also offers a pick order you can use to judge cards based on how impactful they may be. Most importantly, there is a draft and sealed simulator on the homepage of the site that you can use to practice building sealed decks for free.

Finally, Draftsim offers a fantastic guide on Sealed deck construction and rules. MTGNerdGirl regularly does Limited set reviews for each set as they come out and they're great for evaluating cards to see why they are or aren't useful in your Sealed deck.

Not only are the folks at LRR charming and entertaining, but you also get to see real people playing with these cards hands-on, hearing their thought processes and decisions as they play through the event. Here's a an insert from the Innistrad: Crimson Vow prerelease kit:. Draftsim's own Draft simulator has a Sealed option to let you crack open a Sealed pool and get a glimpse of what cards you can expect during your prerelease.

You'll be able to construct a Sealed deck and see what potential cards you might end up with as well as see what cards are rated higher than others to better plan your decks.

Check out our Standard rotation piece to see when the next set will be released. Prereleases are generally a week before the set is released, so you should aim for around that timeframe. Some stores may do multiple events over multiple days, or even multiple events on the same day.

If you'd like to get really prepared and learn from one of the best players in the world, Ben Stark has a course about all things limited that includes many lessons on sealed.

I recommend checking it out here. Ajani's Last Stand Illustration by Slawomir Maniak. Prereleases are some of the most enjoyable, most exciting events you'll get to attend.

They offer the fun experience of cracking open booster packs, seeing shiny new cards for the first time, and putting everyone on an equal playing field. I wholeheartedly recommend attending a prerelease event if you're interested in the newest set, and just go out there and have fun!

With this flexibility, you can offer pre-orders for brand-new apps that have never been published on the App Store and use them to bring existing apps into new regions.

On release day, your app automatically downloads onto the devices of people who have pre-ordered and they receive a notification so they can start experiencing your app right away. Configure and manage pre-orders in App Store Connect, in the Pricing and Availability section of My Apps. The length of the pre-order period is based on the status and availability of your app.

Once your app has been submitted and reviewed by App Review, you can publish your pre-order. Pre-orders can be made on devices running iOS You can also promote pre-orders in your own marketing channels, such as your website, mailing list, and social media accounts.

Your product page displays an expected release date. On release day, be sure to update all of your marketing materials and App Store badges to share that your app is now available to download on the App Store.

Existing apps can use custom product pages and product page optimization for their pre-order product page. With custom product pages, you can create additional versions of the product page to highlight a particular feature or specific content.

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