affordable meal prep utensils

When my food is cooled, I peel them off and given them a gentle hand cleaning, then set them out to dry — no elbow grease required. Immersion blender. I love homemade veggie soup, but hate the mess of pouring hot liquid into a blender.

Immersion blender equals problem solved. These come in varying power levels, but I have never had a problem with the cheap one I bought years ago. Immerse, blend, clean, next. Veggie chopper. This was the very first meal prep tool I bought. Gone are my days of dicing onions, peppers or even apples.

I simply quarter them, stick them here and press done. Instant pot. Is it a rice cooker? Slow cooker? Pressure cooker? I batch prep rice, potatoes, soup, roast, shredded chicken, oatmeal … you get the picture.

It makes fishing lose food out of the pot worlds easier and the whole thing easier to clean. Air fryer. I was on the fence about buying one of these as a meal prep tool but so far am glad I did.

I use it primarily to dry roast veggies much faster than I could in the oven. It also makes them crispy on all sides. I typically do not use any oil at all. I also have made the juiciest chicken breasts in it, another easy meal prep item.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I personally love using magnetic measuring cups and spoons, which stay together and are super easy to clean.

They make it so much easier to measure and pour out liquids like oil and water with precision, helping you nail your recipes every time. And while I definitely cook without measuring… ALL. with a little of this and a little of that… Baking is a different story.

To make sure you get these baking recipes right, put your measuring tools to work:. Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Brownie Waffles. At first, you might think food scales are just for people who are really into baking, but hear me out.

A digital food kitchen scale is actually super helpful for cooking in general. You can weigh out your ingredients for a recipe so you get everything just right.

But, even beyond that, one of the greatest benefits of a food scale when it comes to healthy eating is for portion control. It takes the guesswork out of portioning and helps you stay on track with your goals.

Here are a few recipes that benefit from a food scale, but also be sure to give portioning a try! Cheesecake Factory Chocolate Cheesecake.

A high-quality blender is an essential kitchen tool for meal prep, especially for those who love smoothies. Investing in a high-powered blender is important because it can make a huge difference in the texture and consistency of your blends. Try these recipes with a blender:. A spiralizer vegetable slicer is a great tool for a gluten-free or low-carb diet.

Not only can you make delicious veggie noodles that are a healthy alternative to traditional pasta, but you can also spiralize other veggies like zucchini, sweet potato, and cucumber for salads or as a crunchy addition to wraps and sandwiches.

Spiralizing veggies also allows them to cook faster, making meal prep a breeze. Try out your spiralizer on these recipes:. Shrimp Marinara Zucchini Pasta. Silicone freezing trays are a total lifesaver when it comes to meal prep, especially for those of us who like to make smoothies or juices.

These trays are so versatile, and you can use them to freeze pretty much anything you want — from pureed fruits and veggies to homemade bone broth or broth-based soups. Use these trays for perfect smoothie meal prep:. They keep your meals fresh and ready to grab on the go.

Steel containers are durable and can keep your meals hot or cold for longer periods of time. Food processors can help you save so much time and energy in the kitchen. With a food processor, you can chop vegetables, shred cheese, make hummus, pesto, or nut butter, and even make your own energy balls or granola bars.

I use my food processor on recipes like these:. The popular multicooker it's an Amazon best-seller with more than , five-star ratings is one of my favorite kitchen appliances because it's a hands-off way to make so many staples.

I use it most frequently for grains like rice and quinoa, but it's also great for making thick soups and other Instant Pot-specific meals.

The appliance works as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and more, so the number of ways to use it is practically endless. I used to keep all my dry goods in Mason jars, but the limited sizing options and lack of availability to buy online made me rethink my pantry storage methods.

I invested in a set of these Rubbermaid Brilliance containers last year, and I'm never going back. They're durable, airtight, and leakproof, and they come in enough sizes and shapes for everything in my pantry.

I use them to store cereal, pasta, grains, nuts, oats, and protein powder—and I even keep individually packaged snacks like granola bars in a large version to keep my cabinets tidy. Even though they're plastic, they feel high-end and give my pantry a cohesive look.

I love that I can easily see how much I have left of each ingredient, so I waste no time opening various containers trying to figure out what needs to be restocked. Evenly dividing my food between containers has always been a challenge. Whether I tried to eyeball it or use measuring cups, one bowl always ended up with significantly more or less food.

But that's what makes food scales so helpful; I can set the tare weight of the empty dishes and make sure they all weigh around the same amount once filled with food. I recently traded in my hand-me-down food scale for this sleek option from Etekcity that even comes with batteries. I've been using these durable glass containers from Pyrex for as long as I can remember.

It's so easy to quickly grab a meal from the fridge and pop it in the microwave at home or throw it in my bag when I'm going to work. Even though I've purchased additional pieces over the years, my collection started with a variety pack like this piece starter set.

The 2-cup containers are the perfect size for overnight oats and side dishes, while the 4-cup version—which I reach for most often—is ideal for complete meals with lots of veggies. The set also comes with a large 7-cup option as well as rectangular-shaped containers, which are just as versatile.

When I tested personal blenders last year for work, Ninja's models clearly outperformed the rest. Even though this exact model wasn't part of our official tests, it's the one I actually use myself.

I could go on and on about my favorite features, but I'll just name a few: It has a powerful 1,watt motor, so I never have to worry about it struggling to blend my post-workout smoothies.

The ounce cups are portable yet big enough to fit lots of frozen fruit and leafy greens, while the smaller ounce cup has a built-in tamper to prevent thick mixtures from getting stuck to the sides.

Plus, the programmed settings mean I can simply press a button and walk away while it blends—the suction on the bottom of the base prevents it from moving around my counter. Use limited data to select advertising. Create profiles for personalised advertising.

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Missing I've Been Meal Prepping for 5+ Years, and These 10 Kitchen Gadgets Save Me So Much Time and Energy ; Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker One of the most loved meal-prep tools of all time, the Instant Pot is clutch for anyone who batch-cooks dry beans, soups, and stews, and more


Affordable #mealprep containers you can use for your #mealprepideas! #mealplanning #mealpreptips Avfordable durable, meql, and leakproof, and they uteneils Free beauty supplement samples enough sizes and shapes affordable meal prep utensils everything in my pantry. Multiple chefs Affordable wholesale food deals Affordable meal prep utensils. Food processor. Whether you're planning on making afforfable a weekly staple or just need more incentive to avoid takeout, you'll want these top-rated options on hand to make it happen. Have you ever just tossed in 'extra' chili flakes because you felt like it Another must-have for all sorts of recipes, this gadget is the No. Its angled blade tapers into a paper-thin edge that can get under delicate foods without breaking them.

Affordable meal prep utensils - 30 Prep Tools From Amazon to Make Cooking Truly Enjoyable · Rotary Grater · Avocado Keeper · Herb Stripper · Citrus Juicer · Vegetable Chopper Missing I've Been Meal Prepping for 5+ Years, and These 10 Kitchen Gadgets Save Me So Much Time and Energy ; Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker One of the most loved meal-prep tools of all time, the Instant Pot is clutch for anyone who batch-cooks dry beans, soups, and stews, and more

FOODSAVER VACUUM SEALER This is my favorite money-saving meal prep tool. I like to buy it in bulk I mostly do this with chicken , trim the gross pieces, and weigh it out into the portions I typically need for cooking.

This is usually 1 to 1. Then I vacuum seal each portion, write the weight and date on each pack with a Sharpie, and freeze. MIXING BOWLS. I love these. You can grate cheese, carrots, or zucchini, or thinly slice veggies right into the bowl. And mixing bowls with lids are a game-changer. GARLIC PEELER SET.

Peeling garlic is the worst. This silicone garlic peeling tool is inexpensive and worth every penny to save yourself from stubborn garlic skin that sticks to everything. ICE CUBE TRAY Sometimes I use these for ice, but I mostly use them to freeze pre-made portions of smoothie and leftover pasta sauce or chicken broth.

INSTANT POT Another game changer for meal prep. I use it to quickly cook large portions of rice and a few of my favorite soup recipes. I also love that you can sauteé the base of a recipe garlic and onion for example and then add your other ingredients, which to pressure cook mode, and walk away.

No manning the stove, no extra dirty dishes. I can cook 12 pancakes at once on this, or even a whole breakfast spread. POPFLEX SHAKER BOTTLE Finally, a trusty shaker bottle to take your protein on the go.

It fits in my car cup holder major win and has a built-in filter to catch any lumps. The iridescent design makes it fun to carry, too. com earns a small commission from these links, at no additional cost to you. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hey guys! Welcome to your Daily Dose of Dopamine Challenge!!! Have you listened yet?! Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Meal Prep Just Got A Lot Easier, Thanks to These Tools Most-Popular Dec 29, No Comments.

Image: Target. Image: Amazon. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It's also easy to store. These reusable, non-toxic, BPA-free ice packs are small enough to fit into any type of lunch bag, box, or grocery tote.

If you want extra cooling power, the slim design means you can stack them together. If you're buying fresh ingredients and want them to last either because you have a busy life or don't like that ripeness dictates what you eat that day , it pays to grab one of these avocado savers.

It's cleaner and easier than a plastic bag or whatever you've been using, and it gives you at least a little bit more flexibility. Just like the Instant Pot, this beloved sous vide makes meal prep simpler. It will cook everything from meats, fish, and vegetables to soups and desserts evenly and precisely.

And since this is Bluetooth-equipped, you can even use the Anova Culinary app to start, stop, and monitor your food from your mobile device.

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Travel Angle down icon An icon in the shape of an angle pointing down. Written by Mara Leighton , Insider Picks. Avocados are a great source of healthy fats, but they can be a pain to cut.

This 3-in-1 tool with over 22, verified five-star ratings splits, pits and slices the avocado with a few swift movements, so you can get to topping your avocado toast or eating your guacamole faster. They say every good meal starts with garlic and onion or is that just me?

This clever gadget chops up to two cups of onions at once, without triggering the tears. The smaller grid can be used to mince garlic, but reviewers also love the tool for chopping tomatoes, celery, bell peppers and more.

This cutting board leaves little room for error. After you finish chopping and slicing, you can fold the sides inward to form a funnel that will make sure every last ingredient ends up in your pot or pan.

Not only does this TikTok-famous mash ingredients, but its sides can also be used as a spatula, separator and a strainer. It can hold up to eight different spices at once and even rotates, making it an accessible tool to have on your kitchen counter or even in your pantry.

Dash's Rapid Egg Cooker has made the rounds on the internet for its ability to make all kinds of egg recipes — from hard-boiled to omelets. It can steam up to seven eggs at once and has impressed over 9, verified five-star reviewers on Amazon.

Looking to cut carbs? This spiralizer can turn zucchini, squash and other vegetables right into noodles, so you can make healthier swaps when it comes to pasta dishes.

Cleaning or washing it is also very easy. One thing you might not have thought about when it comes to prep? Your morning fuel. This two-quart pitcher helps you make cold brew overnight, so you can pour it right into your cup and head out the door in the morning.

From soups and sauces to stews, you can make them all in big batches and freeze individual portions with these silicone cubes. They're great for anyone short on time during the week — just pop out a cube right into a bowl or plate and heat it up!

If popcorn is a popular snack in your home, might be the year you ditch the bags of butter. This affordable popper puts the ingredients in your hands, so you can make a fresh bowl of popcorn at home without the extra oils.

The most tedious part about putting together a salad might be having to chop up the leaves. With these tongs, you can slice up lettuce and drop them right into your bowl or Tupperware for a seamless meal prep.

Ultimate List Of Meal Prep Kitchen Tools

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