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Our North American Freight program provides you with negotiated volume rates and significant discounts. With more than 80 LTL providers and a combined buying power in excess of million dollars, we strive to optimize your transportation spend.

In addition, we are a full service FTL broker. Get an instant LTL quote to experience the tremendous value of our online instant rating and system for yourself. As an official reseller of DHL small parcel express service, we offer a unique product at deep discounts. Priced country to country and inclusive of customs clearance, our pricing will provide you with an all-in quote in a matter of seconds.

Our International door to door rates will be shown instantly after you enter the specifics of your shipment. You'll also be abe to print shipping labels in seconds.

For larger parcels, we offer air freight rates with major airlines and air freight forwarders. If you are new to Global Forwarding Enterprises, please fill out our online registration form.

Count on us for instant quotes and big savings on ocean cargo shipments. We have made great efforts to form successful partnerships with shipping and transport companies who give our customers access to deeply discounted rates for less-than-truckload LTL freight, air, and ocean freight shipments.

The GlobalForwarding. com quoting system will allow you to compare rates and transit times from multiple carriers instantly. If you require assistance contact Global Forwarding's offices. We will be glad to assist you. There are dozens of companies all over the world offering similar services to ShopMate.

We looked at some of the main players shipping from the US to Australia. Note: Prices and details correct as at August All dollar amounts are in US dollars unless otherwise specified.

We have had some negative feedback around comgateway and HopShopGo. ComGateway also runs Hop Shop Go, which provides an identical service, but is linked to your Paypal account.

Free for Prime members. The "consolidation" service offered by ComGateway is actually a bundling discount making it cheaper to send multiple individual packages at one time. Shipping varies by destination, carrier, weight, dimensions and value of item. Only available to premium members.

Shipping varies by destination, carrier, weight, dimensions, declared value. Free storage for seven days or 45—90 days for Premium members. Shipping varies by destination, carrier, weight, dimensions. No — quotes can be requested via email or website form; use USPS shipping estimator for shipping cost guide.

When using this service a sales tax of 8. Skip to content Skip to footer navigation. Top of the content. JavaScript is disabled If possible, please enable JavaScript for an enhanced experience on the CHOICE website.

US freight-forwarding services What are your postage options when US retailers won't ship your purchases to Australia? Grace Smith. Matthew Steen matthewsteen. Last updated: 11 October We care about accuracy. See something that's not quite right in this article?

Let us know or read more about fact-checking at CHOICE. Need to know Freight-forwarding services let you buy items from the US that aren't available in Australia You won't know how much you'll pay in freight until your package hits their warehouse — and it may be more than you thought A service that repacks and removes excess packaging, or consolidates items into one package, could save you money.

Common costs and fees. Some providers change a flat rate fee for every package sent. Most services offer free account set-up but some charge a one-off fee. Multiple packages are repackaged into one box to reduce shipping costs.

Extras Many service providers offer a range of extra services at an additional cost, including: Photos — Receive photographs of your items when they arrive at the warehouse Insurance — Insure the value of your package in case of damage or theft in-transit.

Some providers, like ComGateway, automatically include insurance on all orders Special requests — Request special packaging for fragile items, gift wrapping, etc.

Hidden costs. Exchange rate fee The official USD to AUD exchange rate is altered so that your Australian dollars don't go as far. Fuel surcharge Some postal delivery services may charge a fuel surcharge which varies based on fuel prices. Remote area surcharge Related to fuel surcharge, some postal delivery services charge extra for delivery to "remote" areas.

US sales tax If the freight forwarding warehouse is located in a US state which has a sales tax, this will be added to the cost of your item. Australian GST As of July , GST is applied to low-value ie.

Text-only accessible version. Tips for using freight-forwarding services Don't base your provider choice on shipping price alone — service can be just as important. How will your package be shipped? Couriers are generally faster and more secure, and they're not always more expensive than airmail.

Is this a one-off purchase or are you a regular international shopper? Some companies offer lower rates to members, and some are members-only. Have you calculated the cubic weight of your parcel? You could save on shipping if you choose a service that can repack and remove excess packaging.

Buying multiple items? Look for a service that can consolidate your items into one package. And if your items are likely to arrive on different days, check whether you'll be charged storage fees for keeping them at the warehouse. Buying something bulky?

Check size and weight limits. Some companies offer sea freight for very bulky items. Buying something dangerous? Check the fine print.

Some companies may not be able to ship liquids, chemicals, weapons, tools, items with lithium batteries and other items classed as 'dangerous goods'. Carolyn's story: 'They more than doubled the weight with their so-called cost-effective packaging'. Cassie's story: Wasted space.

ComGateway and HopShopGo. Door to Door shipping China to USA Shipping easy from China to USA, China self-developed channel, time-saving and with competitive price, service includes import customs clearance and duties, only need you to receive the goods at your doorstep.

Shipping from China to US Amazon FBA Handling your shipping from China to USA Amazon fba by DDP Sea and Air freight directly, free export and import custom clearance, handlings, duties, fully door to door delivery, Professional And Personalized Service.

Your Best Freight Forwarder From China to USA. WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY. John Strome , Thegalith Watchmaking Co. Luke Miller , NearWood Furnitures. Vincent Moore , Sitejobba LLC. Kelly Stewart , PayBango Supply. Jane Cooper , Mosaic Prints. Get Better Quote.

FAQ for Shipping from China to USA. What is the fastest shipping from China to the USA? What documents are required for Shipping from China to USA? What is the Cheapest Shipping from China to the USA?

How Long does it take to Ship From China to USA? How much does it cost to ship from China to USA? Shipping Procedures from China to the USA:. NEED ANY FREIGHT SERVICE FROM CHINA TO USA? GET QUOTE NOW. Global quote form Get Better Shipping Quote One of our experts will contact you soon, please tell us the following details as much as you can, so that we can give you exact shipping freight quote immediately.

Product Name. Phone Number. What service do you required? Express Freight. Air Freight. Sea Freight. Rail Freight. Service Type. Door to Door. Door to Port. Port to Door. Port to Port. Shipment ready date. Just thinking. Pick Up Address. Destination Address.

The Complete Guide Ship from China to the USA. What are the shipping options from China to USA? What is the best shipping method from china to USA? Shipping from China to US Amazon FBA How much is the shipping cost from china to USA?

What is the cheapest shipping from china to USA? How long is the shipping time for China to USA? What is the Fastest shipping from China to USA? Are they any delays for the shipment from China to USA? How Does Custom Clearance from China to USA Work? Do I have to pay import duties for my cargo from China to USA?

what are the shipping routes from China to USA How Can You Ship from China to the USA? Which Incoterms are Suitable for Shipping from China to USA? How to track the shipment from China to USA? Do I have to buy cargo Insurance from China to USA? Tips to Find the Best Freight Forwarder What Are the Advantages of Shipping with Winsky Freight?

FCL Containers Options. In Sea Freight, you will be asked how you want to load your cargo on the containers; LCL , also known as Less than Container Load, is a shipping option in which your Products are loaded with other Products in the same container.

FCL , also called Full Container Load, is a separate container set only for your cargo; nothing else is put in it. Typically, it is suitable for volumes above 16CBM. In this method, you pay for the whole container, so ensure you have enough goods to fill it completely. China to USA air freight is favorable for you when: You need your goods in 10 days or less.

Your chargeable weight is between and kg. DHL Shipping from China to the USA. FedEx shipping from China to the USA FedEx is one of the best Express couriers from China to the USA. UPS shipping from China to the USA It has two different services for UPS from China to the USA, UPS Worldwide Saver, and UPS Worldwide Expedited; for UPS Worldwide Saver, the delivery time is about business days, and for business UPS Worldwide Expedited, the shipping time and stability of the UPS Worldwide Saver is better than UPS Worldwide Expedited.

Sea Freight DDP from China to USA. Air Freight DDP from China to USA. What is the Best Shipping Way from China to the USA? When you are dispatching your cargo from China to the USA, you will have to choose one of these 3 shipping methods, such as; i Air Freight ii Sea Freight iii Express Shipping.

And the same goes for Big products. As airplanes are much smaller than ocean carriers, they take every inch of cargo very seriously, even if it weighs nothing, and they will charge for a higher standard weight according to size instead of actual weight.

So, if your goods are big, like a car, crane, etc. Shipping from China to USA Amazon FBA. What is the Process for Shipping from China to US Amazon FBA? How much is the Shipping Cost from China to USA? Below, we will discuss how much you will get charged in shipping through various methods, such as; a Sea Freight Cost b Air Freight Cost c Express Courier Cost.

a Sea Freight Cost. Sea freight rates from China to USA:. b Air Freight Cost. You can see the chart below dated December to get an idea about costs; Air freight from China to USA per KG :.

c Express Courier Cost. Express couriers have the most expensive service among all kinds of shipment methods, Check below the Express freight dated December from China to the USA for your information Express freight per KG from China to USA Door to Door:.

What is the Cheapest Shipping from China to USA? Numerous factors affect shipping time from China to the USA. They include: Shipping Options: The mode of shipping you choose- Express shipping, air, or sea freight door to door or port to port - determines how long you have to wait for your goods to arrive.

Shipping Distances and Routes: Choosing the right shipping ports can shorten the shipping time. Shipping Seasons: Shipping in off-seasons is faster and cheaper than in peak seasons due to lower freight volume. Less time is wasted during loading, unloading, picking up containers, and last-mile delivery.

Conversely, shipping during peak seasons or Chinese holidays may lead to longer delivery times. Port Congestion: The number of ships waiting to unload or load at the port can affect shipping time.

Custom Clearance Delay: It is important to have all necessary documents ready to avoid clearance delays. Freight Forwarders: Finally, the choice of China freight forwarders you partner with can also affect the efficiency and speed of the shipping process. a Sea Freight Time.

Origin China Destination USA FCL LCL Ningbo Miami 35 days 38 days New York 30 days 35 days Los Angeles 14 days 15 days Shanghai Miami 35 days 38 days New York 30 days 35 days Los Angeles 14 days 15 days Shenzhen Miami 35 days 38 days New York 29 days 30 days Los Angeles 15 days 14 days.

b Air Freight Time. Port-to-Port Door-to-Door Air freight Delivery 1 — 6 days 7 — 14 days. c Express Shipping Time. Door-to-Door China to the USA 3 ~ 7 days.

Chinese Holidays. Port Congestion Congestion at the seaport is a common cause of sea freight delays. Import Customs Inspections Although delay cases due to customs inspections are rare, they still happen occasionally. You see, you will need the following paperwork in the Origin Country, China; Commercial Invoice from the manufacturer Export Declaration Document from the Chinese government Packing list from the seller COC certification issued by the exporter Customs Invoice from seller or exporter Bill of Lading given by the Shipping company After getting these Documents, Chinese Customs will inspect the goods, charge fees, and clear them for transport.

Do I Have to Pay Import Duties for My Cargo from China to USA? What are the Shipping Routes from China to USA? The ports in America are divided into 2-parts: i West Ports ii East Ports Shipments to the West Coast usually depart from Shanghai, Ningbo, or Shenzhen ports.

How Can You Ship from China to the USA? Choose Your Shipping Options: Decide the shipping method that suits your needs. You can opt for air or sea freight. Air freight is faster but more expensive, while sea freight is slower but more cost-effective. Each shipping option has advantages and considerations, depending on your specific shipping requirements.

Request Quotes from Freight Forwarders: Contact several China freight forwarders to request quotes based on your shipment type and desired shipping options.

At Shipito, we ship 's of thousands of packages every year. This results in big discounts with the major carriers that we're able to pass along to you, our Ocean container to ship? Trust your sea containers to the best freight forwarding company. Get outstanding freight shipping rates for ocean cargo Wholesalers on Alibaba provide a wide range of cheapest freight forwarder for you to browse. You can get air freight quotes easily and without hassle. The quote

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How To Get The Best Freight Forwarder and Shipping Rates Our freighf team is on call to give you expert guidance and cheapest rates on your Wallet-friendly food deals Deluxe sample box collection. Contact us now for the best freight Virtual instruments downloads for Discounted freight forwarding future forwwarding from Discounted freight forwarding ffreight the Dreight. Buying Discountdd items? Welcome to American Baggage and Box Transportwhere we ship your commercial imports, household goods, and belongings, easily and with Peace of Mind. But importing and exporting goods is frequently a complicated process involving protracted steps and exorbitant fees. While most freight-forwarding services use couriers like FedEx, UPS or DHL, ShopMate operates through the US and Australian postal services, so it's not all that surprising that there were some complaints about slow service and missing packages.

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